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Company Profile

Ser Elektronik was founded in Ankara, the capital of Turkey in 1996.

Active and passive electronic components, anti static products, power supplies, test-measurement devices and the service of selling and marketing the various agencies within it are among the main study topics of our company.

Main principle of our company is absolute customer satisfaction and contribution to the economy of the country. With this aim in mind, with our professional team and broad supply chain, by offering quick and economic solutions from our stocks, we dedicated ourselves to finding quick solutions with fair prices and quick delivery times for the stuffs supply of which are troubled.

With the ERP system, having the broadest data bank and software connection, SER Elektronik is offering stuffs which they can cater for their clients in several days from this data bank. These stuffs being talked about are the original ones that are coming from franchise distribution.


Our Mission

With our expert team, reflecting the technological developments, legal necessities to our activities in order to answer to the expectations of our customers on time and with our quality management system, evaluating the effectiveness and thus maintaining the constant progress.

Our Vision

With the products that we are selling in the sector of Electric-Electronic, increasing the number of the organizations for whom we provide services both abroad and in country and with the persistence of our product and technical support, fair prices and with the principles of mutual trust and honesty, becoming a preferable, reliable company.

Our Quality Policy

  • By focusing on the customer satisfaction when working, meeting the customer’s expectations as soon as possible and being on to any new products on demand,
  • Minimizing customer complaints by valuing technical support,
  • Making our personels work in a healthy job enviroment without any concerns for the future and improving their personal skills by organizing training programs.
  • Increasing our business capacity altogether by maintaining constant relationship with our suppliers.
  • As a company that is sensitive to society and enviroment, carrying out the standarts of legal statutes and obeying it.
  • Carrying out the necessary studies for the investments made on our company to make them repay fruitfully as soon as possible.
ISO 9001 Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate