Terms of Use

These terms regulate the terms of the website “http://www.serelektronik.com” (will be referred to as “site” from now on). In order to use the site, please carefully read the terms below. Any visitors using the site in any way will be deemed to have accepted all the terms. Owner of the site holds the right to change the content that is on or will be on the site, the terms of use and the site itself anytime he wishes.

“user/users” term on this site represents any natural/legal entity who has access to the site and/or uses the site
“site” term represents the website http://www.serelektronik.com “link/links” represent the link which makes it possible to have access from the site to another website, to any kind of file and any kind of content or to have access from another website to site, to all kinds of files and contents on the site.
“content” term represents any kind of information, product, service, file, digit, address, phone number, price, visual,literary and auditory images which are published on the site and/or on any other website or access to which is possible.

Terms of use stated on this page can be altered one sidedly by the site at any time, providing that these alterations are stated clearly on this page.These alterations will gain validity as soon as it is published on the site. Users will keep having access to the website by accepting to review the terms of use periodically in order to be informed about the alterations and by accepting the altered terms of conditions once and for all. Users will be deemed to have accepted the terms published on this page unconditionally once they gain access to the site content in any way.

Content of the site is being recorded and preserved within the scope of copyrights. User is free to copy, distribute, publish the content on the site provided not acting in commercial ends, not spoiling the originality, and giving the reference. For user to publish the content that he/she copied from the site, he/she has to provide a link on the website on which he/she copied the content linking to the site.

Content on this site is only presented to inform the reader and does not serve as recommendation. Responsibility of any procedure carried out relying on the content published on site belongs to the user.

Irrespective of the name under which, site, owner of the site and the individuals who prepared the content that is published on the site cannot be held responsible for any harm that is direct and/or indirect, material and/or moral, negative and/or affirmative resulting from having access to the site and any utilization of the content on the site both directly and indirectly.

Site never promises to provide continuous, flawless, correct, complete or a certain type of service or content in any way. Likewise, site management never makes an offer or recommendation or gives a guarantee that site management will be flawless and continuous, flaws, imperfections, defects will be taken care of and that the site has already been cleaned out of any mischievous factors.

On this site, links are provided leading to websites which are managed by third parties and content on the website belonging to third parties are being used. Site is not responsible for the contents on third party websites to which the site is providing links and for which the site is making promotions by other means. Content on websites belonging to third parties are managed or inspected by no means.Likewise, this situation does not necessarily mean that the trueness and dependability of the content on the third party website is approved. Thus, site does not accept any responsibility regarding to the content and the idea on the third party website. Once again, it does not mean that trueness and the dependability of the link contents that the third party websites provided for the site is approved in any way.

Users are supposed to violate the legal rights of the third parties by no means when using any kind of content on the site, form or contact system. Site does not accept any legal or penal responsibilities regarding to these violations and any legal or penal responsibilities that might result from any of these violations belong only to the user.

Site holds the right to not to publish and delete the comments that harms the legal rights of third party sites. Likewise, user who wrote the comment is responsible for the content of the comment.

Any natural/legal entity who thinks that their rights are violated due to the content, should ask for the removal of the content related to him by contacting to the administrator of the site through the contact page.

Laws of Republic of Turkey is applied to these terms of use. If any of this agreement’s article is illegal, invalid or legally not applicable for any reason, respective article can be removed from this text. However, this does not affect the validy of the rest of the articles and their applicability in terms of law.

Ankara Courts and Enforcement Office are given the authority in solving any discrepancies that might arise from the application of the aforementioned terms and legal relations.

These terms of use come into force as soon as they’re published on the site. Users will be deemed to have accepted the these terms when they use the site in any way.